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  1. Skoga


There's a magical place not far from home
Where the fireflies dance and fawns still roam
A sacred wooded refuge amongst flat farmlands
Where nature still has room to hatch her plans

Dad opens the gate and we drive past a throng
Of Sweet Williams growing to the Whippoorwill's song
We hike to Old Bart's cabin in the valley by the stream
Where trilobites live and the quartzite gleams

We can go for a swim when we're done with our hike
We can fish all day if that's what we'd like
There is so much to explore and so much we can do
Before the barred owl hollers who cooks for you

Papa rings the triangle there's a mess of fish to eat
And a juicy watermelon who will spit the furthest seeds
Then its around the campfire we sit
To enjoy some s'mores and our grandfather's wit

He's spinning us tales of Oink Jackson
The friendly talking pig he met in the big one
The coyotes start to sing and it won't be long
Before us kids are getting drowsy and its time to carry on

Mom and Dad load us carefully into the Astrovan
And we pass through the gate where our journey began
Our home is just a few short miles away
And we'll be back to the Skoga soon someday.